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Sheep and Cattle

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Great Southern offers a range of sheep and cattle posts, strainers, stays, half round and quarters rounds.

A range of posts and strainers available pointed and non pointed.

1.8m x 100mm Treated Post.
1.8m x 125mm Treated Post.
1.8m x 150mm Treated Post.
1.8m x 175mm Treated Post.
1.8m x ¼ large Sheep Post.
1.8m x ¼ Small Sheep Post.
1.8m x ½ Sheep Post.
1.8m x Sawn One Side Sheep Post.

50 x 40 Fence Droppers.
200 x 75 Stay Block .500 Long.

2.1m x 150mm Treated Strainer.
2.1m x 175mm Treated Strainer.
2.1m x 200mm Treated Strainer.

2.4m x 150mm Treated Strainer.
2.4m x 175mm Treated Strainer.
2.4m x 200mm Treated Strainer.

The Great Southern group produces, steams and treats all their own roundwood locally. We aim for the highest standards in quality and sizing.

All roundwood is measured S.E.D(small end diameter).

Call your nearest branch for available stock and pricing.

Sheep and Cattle
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Sheep and Cattle
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