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Timber Outdoor Decks

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Great Southern offers a range of quality Decking timbers.

We offer Merch or Premium grade Decking timber.

We stock a range of piles, bearers, joists nails. Concrete and fixings also available.

To protect your timber after cutting you must treat all cut ends and holes with a liquid timber preservation.

H3 Hazard Level:
Exposure – Outside above ground.
Conditions – Subject to periodic moderate wetting and leaching.
Biological Hazard – Moderate decay, borers and termites.
Uses – Weatherboard, fascia, window joinery, framing and decking.

H5 Hazard Level:
Exposure – Outside in ground contact with or in fresh water.
Conditions – Subject to extreme wetting and leaching and/or where the critical use requires a higher degree of protection.
Biological Hazard –. Very serve decay, borers and termites.
Uses – Retaining walls, pilling, house stumps, building poles, cooling tower fill.

Check with your local Council before building your deck to find out the legal

Timber Outdoor Decks
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Timber Outdoor Decks
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Timber Outdoor Decks
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